Penny Rugs - Coin Mats - Coin Spots
Penny Rugs - folk art appliqué from the 1800's, using felted wool, the blanket stitch and coins as templates. Circles were layered creating beautiful patterns, and the mats were used for the table, bed, wall and floor. Flower and animal motifs were also popular. (Artefacts Canada)

Coin Mats - the blanket stitch and layers of various sized wool circles forming a geometric pattern. Circles were usually shades of black, brown, red and orange. The background was always black and burlap was used for the backing. They were used on the floor. (Glenn Campbell Murphy - Park Corner to Seaview, PE Island)

Coin Spot Rug - Dora dripped all over Marilla's new Coin Spot Rug. ( "Anne of Avonlea" by Lucy Maud Montgomery)
My handstitched Penny Rugs are constructed from Wool Felt blends, and/or new and recycled wool fabrics. An average sized piece has between 3000-5000 stitches. The penny rugs are limited edition pieces, stitched 25 times or less with my signature and the name and number of the piece stitched on the back. They are for the table or hanging.

I have been an active member of the Prince Edward Island Craft Council since 2003. The Council promotes the production and acceptance of quality, Island-made, hand-crafted products.
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